David & Marci Dena

David & Marci Dena

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Associate Pastors-David and Marci Dena

“Our Desire is to see lives flourish.”

Pastor David was saved through the Praise Chapel Ministry at the age of sixteen. He met his lovely wife Marci in the same place. Marci was raised in a Holy Ghost household and brought up in church. In there ministries they have served as youth pastors, kids ministries, women’s ministries worship directors, and more. Currently Pastor David is serving as Associate Pastors (Second in command here at Praise Chapel), and Pastor Marci is Pastor of Administration. They also serve as worship Director and Leader (pastor David), and Sunday school Director and Teacher (Pastor Marci). They have a vision to keep ministry simple, but in excellence, while staying true to the basics such as prayer, doctrine, and fellowship. Currently Pastor David is employed with Apple Computers, and supports a family with four children. This couple is a delight to be around and fellowship at their house is always fun and exciting.

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