Pastor Chris’ Blog

Pastor Chris’ Blog

Featured Image from URL plugin allows you to use an external image as Featured Image of your post, page and Custom Post Type, such as WooCommerce Product;

perfect for external posts, the plugin is able to use the first image as Featured Image;

when you access the table of posts/pages/products/categories in admin menu, the Featured Images are shown in a new column;

if your theme doesn’t show Featured Image on posts/pages/products, it’s possible to include that at the beginning of the content automatically;

but if your theme show the Featured Images on posts/pages/products, there is an option to remove the Featured Image;

with lazy load feature the images/videos won’t be loaded until user scrolls to them making the home/shop page load faster;

all included content still has social tags to facilitate sharing on social networks;

compatible with WP All Import plugin;

some nonstandard image URLs, such as Instagram and Google Drive’s, will work as well;

supports WP REST API (premium feature);

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